Beautiful yet effective acoustic solution at the Royal Academy

The Royal Academy of Engineering have been our client for many years and we have supplied numerous different furniture solutions at their stunning Regency building. This was however the first time we have had the chance to help improve their acoustics.

The challenge was providing a solution that did not retract from the look of these incredible Regency spaces but that actually complemented the rooms. This was achieved by using Fabricwall from Resonics.

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Working with Paul Beardmore from Edit Design Consultancy we came up with a beautiful bespoke design that not only looks great but provides excellent acoustic properties and vastly decreases the reverb in the space. Preece Bespoke added the finishing touches with bespoke joinery and furniture.


The rooms at the Royal Academy are now fit for purpose, should it be for a conference, a function or a wedding. Poor sound quality is no longer an issue and the solution has really changed the way these rooms can be used.

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