Collaborate have been helping clients achieve inspiring & efficient workspaces for over a decade


Putting you first!

No project is too big or too small, and regardless of the size of the project, we will pay as much attention to the comfort of one office chair as a whole office fit-out for 500 staff.

We believe in making the customer experience as smooth as possible, which is why we assign one of our Directors to champion every project from start to finish.


What’s the best thing about working with us?

We believe our strengths lie in sourcing the right furniture for your workspace. Regardless of your budget or how short the lead time is, we can develop solutions based on our extensive network of partners, who we know can deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

We will guide you through the project keeping you updated about any developments along the way. We believe in working closely with our customers post-installation, which is why we offer maintenance services ensuring your furniture works for you over time and provides the value for money you should expect.


Why work with us?

As an independent furniture dealership, we have access to the broader market and can negotiate great prices. Our experienced, professional team offers a range of services from expert design, functionality and comfort specifications, showroom tours (virtually if necessary), mock-ups and fabric and finish reviews.

We always assign a single trusted point of contact for efficient and fast communication and all projects are overseen by one of our Directors. We believe in providing honest and transparent updates throughout the project.

The Collaborate team went the extra mile at all stages of the project, you can tell they love what they do! We would whole-heartedly recommend Collaborate London.

Stephen Smith

Partner – Wright & Wright Architects


An experienced team

We have an experienced, approachable and effective team who have collectively amassed decades of experience in finding the right office furniture to match your company’s needs, including comfort, design, price, lead time and brand consistency.

This knowledge and experience has been amassed over 15 years, building strong relationships with a trusted network of partners and clients.

Dwyn Kelly

Dwyn Kelly

Sales Director

Passionate about helping customers achieve their office furniture goals, Dwyn co-founded Collaborate in 2009 with Richard and Helen.

Position: Sales Director focusing on new clients and managing client relationships.

Loves: spending time with friends and family and traveling to new places. Dwyn has 2 children and a puppy.

Values: transparency and honesty.

Goals: finish renovating her house and travel more.

Helen Bryant

Helen Bryant

HR Director

Helen has a BSc and has worked in the commercial furniture industry for 23 years. She is one of the 3 co-founders of Collaborate. She has a passion for the unusual, whether that be a historical building, museum or just a brief that’s out of the ordinary. Her skill lies in finding the best products to work within these spaces and she enjoys the process of searching for the right solutions.

Position: HR Director.

Loves: running marathons, her daughter Florence, husband Tony, red wine, and cheese.

Values: kindness, fairness, integrity and commitment.

Goals: run more, experience the Orient Express and see the Northern Lights.

Richard Martin

Richard Martin

Managing Director

Richard is a qualified designer and has extensive experience working for manufacturers and dealers both in the UK and abroad. He has a passion for delivering exciting and functional office interiors for his clients

Position: Managing Director and co-founder of Collaborate.

Loves: spending time with his family, walking his dogs, DIY and rugby.

Values: strong relationships, empathy and collaboration.

Goals: drive a tank, learn how to powder ski, visit the Far East and keep his family safe.

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams

Project Manager

Jamie has a degree in Psychology and Computing. He started his career in high-end residential developments before switching to commercial properties.

Position: Project Manager focusing on the installation stage.

Loves: spending time with friends, football, watching movies.

Values: politeness, respect, not judging people at first sight.

Goals: look after his family and enjoy time with loved ones.

Jurgita Savickyte

Jurgita Savickyte

Project Lead

Jurgita started her career in the financial sector and then worked for a European office furniture manufacturer. She joined Collaborate after moving to the UK from Lithuania.

Position: Sales Support working closely with the Account Managers.

Loves: being outdoors, hiking and walking her dog.

Values: sharing traditions with loved ones to create cherished memories.

Goals: run a half marathon

Kabir Malimar

Kabir Malimar

Client Service Manager

Kabir is a sales professional with extensive experience in customer service and prides himself on being a trusted advisor to assist his clients to achieve their needs. Position: Client Service Manager to enhance our client-centred approach and ensure that we support our clients' ongoing needs.

Loves: Spending time with family, eating, cooking, gym and football.

Values: strong relationships, empathy, honesty and transparency.

Goals: Provide for the family, visit Athens and Turkey and snowboard in Switzerland.

Kate Fargus

Kate Fargus


Kate has worked in the interiors and furniture industry for more than 20 years. She is the owner/director of KFDT, a partner of Collaborate.

Position: Consultant on furniture projects.

Loves: doing triathlons and drinking wine.

Values: see Loves!

Goals: complete the Engadin Skimarathon, visit Japan during cherry blossom season, beat her marathon best time and see the Northern Lights.

Lynn Lodge

Lynn Lodge

Project Support

Lynn has been working in the Contract Furniture Industry for over 22 years, supporting on Projects for some of the UK’s largest dealers. Joining Collaborate in 2022 her aim is to give her clients exceptional service and products that they love at a price that is right.

Position: Project Support assisting the Sales Team.

Loves: Family, All theatre, music, cinema, dance and good food.

Values: honesty & reliability.

Goals: to milk a cow, travel more & get free time for friends and family.

Mark Turner

Mark Turner

Design Manager

Mark has worked in Design in the furniture industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a BTEC in civil engineering having previously worked in that field.

Position: Design Manager overseeing design relating to furniture and space.

Loves: Great design, a blend of city and country life, time spent with family and supporting the best football team in London.

Values: attention to detail, constant improvement, strong personal and business relationships.

Goals: climb The Three Peaks.

Mena Shah

Mena Shah

Assistant Accountant

Mena has a BA in Accounting and Business Management. She hopes to become a qualified accountant soon.

Position: Assistant Accountant responsible for all finance tasks.

Loves: problem solving, cooking, DIY, trying new things and exploring new places.

Values: respect for others, close relationships, high performance and leaving your comfort zone.

Goals: travel to places that are off the beaten track.

Rhys Kelly

Rhys Kelly

Account Manager

Rhys has a BSc in Business Management and Economics and has worked in the furniture industry since 2004.

Position: Account Manager looking after key accounts and new business.

Loves: his 3 children, visiting his family in Wales, rugby, playing guitar, good food and great wine.

Values: strong relationships, keeping active and spending time with loved ones.

Goals: run a marathon.

Sophie Thorpe

Sophie Thorpe

Project Support

Sophie is a trained chef in fine dining and, after working in admin, discovered the world of furniture, first residential and then commercial.

Position: Project Support assisting the Sales Team.

Loves: food, watching cooking programs and football (Spurs fan).

Values: Fighting for equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

Goals: Travelling around Latin America with her wife.

Tony Bryant

Tony Bryant

Operations Director

Tony has a degree in Business Studies and entered the furniture industry in 2005. He joined Collaborate in 2012.

Position: Operations Director ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Loves: his wife Helen and daughter Florence, live music, cycling, watching sport, eating and cooking great food.

Values: honesty and being yourself.

Goals: travel more in Asia.

Vinn Collaborate Project Manager

Vinn Farrugia

Project Manager

Vinn has been working in Operations and Logistics for the last 15 years and moves into the furniture industry joining Collaborate as a Project Manager.

Loves: Music and going to gigs, spending time with friends, cooking, going for a cycle (or pub crawl) around London on a nice sunny day.

Values: my friends, respect, empathy, not beating around the bush.

Goals: travel to Vietnam/SE Asia, learn to sew to patch/hem jeans.





Project experience

Since our inception in 2009, we have successfully managed over 3000 projects, both large and small-scale, providing a range of office furniture to clients from different sectors throughout the UK.


Product partners

We have over 300 product partners that we have built strong relationships with over the years and who we trust to provide good quality products for the most competitive price and on time.



Industry experience

With over 90 years of shared experience delivering a full suite of office furniture fit-out services, our dynamic and professional team is perfectly positioned to help us manage your office furniture project.


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