Tenant ready solution delivered with cost effective style

The space in question was used to showcase the Carbon Building, so functionality was less important for the client than the design. The furniture needed to create an exciting and beautiful space that really highlighted the possibilities the newly refurbished building offered.

The Carbon Building

27,500 sqft

Orbit Architects, Sharkey SE



Furniture Sourcing


Delivery & Installation

The office space was completed within our desired timeframe and budget. The space was let very quickly after that – as they say, the proof is in the pudding!

Llinos Hughes

Team Director – Orbit Architects


The timeframe and budget for this project were both very tight, so it was key that the proposed options had short lead times and were affordable for the client. We worked closely with the architect, who was able to share his vision of what the end look and feel should be. We provided options that worked for the client’s deadline and budget while conveying the right visual image. 


Clear benefits for the client were our extensive experience of sourcing furniture that needs to match a client’s budget and lead times. By deploying our wide network of partners, we were able to find the perfect solution that met all the client’s criteria.

Project partners