Adding colour using vibrant fabrics and finishes to bring the space to life.

BNP Paribas wanted some life injected into their Marylebone office as it was lacking life, colour and space for their staff to work and collaborate away from the desk. The floors were previously max packed with desking and didn't promote new ways of working. By creating colourful and soft collaborative areas the staff can now work in more inspiring ways.

BNP Paribas

70,000 sqft

Interior Architecture + Design

Delivery & Installation

Fabrics & Finishes

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Furniture Sourcing




It is vital to create new and interesting collaborative spaces as spending over 8 hours at your desk can be counter productive. We worked closely with BNP Paribas and Interior Architecture + Design to design spaces across the floors that inspire team and individual working in a more productive environment.


Our furniture expertise helped us deliver this project on time and in budget and the final striking design speaks for itself. We helped to transform the BNP Paribas offices into a workspace that is relevant to the tasks performed rather than staff being mainly desk bound.

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