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October 2023


Discover the PARTHOS tables by NARBUTAS.


What sets them apart? 


Versatility In Form: The PARTHOS collection, featuring meeting tables, high tables, and coffee tables, enables versatile and stylish functional space creation while ensuring consistent interior design.

Acoustic & Aesthetic Balance: The cylindrical column, covered in PET felt, effectively absorbs and disperses sound due to its acoustic properties and strategic vertical cut-outs.

Sustainability At Core: NARBUTAS meticulously crafts PARTHOS tables with a focus on sustainability, considering material use, durability, and the entire lifecycle, ensuring each piece is designed thoughtfully and is recyclable.

Ingenious Electrical Solutions: The PARTHOS tables feature a sleek design with cables neatly concealed in a PET felt tray and column, ensuring no visible wires.

Tailored To Your Needs: Choose from various heights, sizes, finishes, and column numbers with the PARTHOS tables, distinguished by a wide array of PET felt colours.

 For more information on this product, visit https://www.narbutas.com



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