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December 2023


How do you adapt to the increasing popularity of agile working?

Introducing Oases, a sophisticated solution to our evolving workplace, featuring a collection of flexible work zones ideal for open-plan areas. 

We absolutely love these key features:


Flexible and Modular Design: Oases offer a diverse range of configurations. It can be tailored for individual workspaces, intimate one-to-one areas, quick drop-down points, and comfortable seating arrangements, facilitating agile and focused workspaces.

Personal Retreat Spaces: These zones are designed with upholstered surrounds, providing privacy and acoustic insulation for focused work in otherwise busy or noisy environments.

Customisable Screen Configurations: The system allows for the creation of bespoke screen setups. It is ideal for crafting functional enclosures around existing furniture, establishing in-office meeting areas, informal breakout spaces, and partitions for working zones.

Innovative Engineering: The design of Oases incorporates the ability to form multiple shapes, catering to specific client needs. Its innovative linking system enables easy reconfiguration, making it a versatile choice for dynamic office layouts.

Oases represent a thoughtful and elegant approach to modern workplace design, blending functionality with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving demands of agile working environments. Plus, it’s 100% British-made!

For more information on this product, visit www.elite-furniture.co.uk



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