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August 2023


Designed by Christian Horner, LOFT by Bene is a stylish, modern self-standing storage solution featuring a base cabinet with sliding doors and avant-garde, asymmetrical shelving. 




It serves as a room divider, effectively creating distinct zones for different teams. 

The storage unit offers dual-sided access for shared spaces or single-sided access when positioned against a wall or at the end of a team bench.

LOFT offers extensive customisation, including various colours and finishes like melamine and veneer. Cabinets can also feature handles, locks, or both to suit your needs.

LOFT seamlessly integrates with existing Bene storage lines, allowing you to update your office look without replacing current components.

LOFT enriches Bene's existing storage solutions by bringing a contemporary, home-like ambience to the workspace.

For more information on this product, visit https://bene.com/en



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