Featured Product

December 2023

Kabin 1

Where do you go when you need extra privacy and focus to work? 


Introducing Kabin 1, designed by Walter Craven. The perfect solution to your privacy and productivity needs!


Reasons we love it:


Functionality: It is an exceptional tool for maintaining focus in an increasingly busy world. This design ensures privacy and security and improves sound clarity inside.

Aesthetics: Its standalone, contemporary design redefines workplace aesthetics. Beyond comfort, Kabin's unique, faceted design sets it apart, offering easy-to-upgrade, demountable exterior and interior panels. 

Acoustics: The unique faceted design creates a distinct sound experience, both internally and externally. It features a customisable audio/visual system, allowing users to select their preferred ambience, like rain, sunshine, or ocean sounds. 

Kabin revolutionises workspace design, blending comfort and privacy with a modern look to boost focus and creativity. 


For more information on this product, visit https://kabin.space/



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