Featured Product

May 2023

HM48 Tarn

This week's product spotlight is the HM48 Tarn, a sophisticated seating collection designed by Smith Matthias for Hitch Mylius.


Here are the top reasons why we adore this collection:

The HM48 Tarn distinguishes itself with a unique design approach that integrates the base into the arms, allowing the material and colour to draw attention to the exquisite timber or metalwork finishes.

The collection's meticulous attention to detail is exemplified through the beautiful arm detailing, which highlights the base finish and gently curved interior. Not only does this feature create a visually lightweight aesthetic, but it also provides a supremely comfortable seating experience.

The HM48 Tarn range includes an armchair, and 2, 3,and 4-seater sofas, offering a versatile selection to suit different needs. Additionally, it provides a wide array of fabric options for upholstery, ensuring customisation and flexibility.

Upholding sustainability principles, this collection can be easily disassembled, with components that can be recycled or re-used. This commitment to eco-friendly practices reinforces its appeal.

With its emphasis on comfort, versatile functionality, elegant aesthetic, and thoughtful craftsmanship, the HM48 Tarn collection is an excellent choice for contemporary offices, hospitality venues, and residential spaces.



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