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January 2024

Hemp Fine chair

New Sustainability Series! 🌎

Welcome to Collaborate Furniture's new series on sustainable office furniture!

Our first spotlight is the unique and eco-friendly Hemp Fine chair by Vepa.  

We love this product because:

🌎 It breaks the mold with its natural, biodegradable properties, offering an earth-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or felt furnishings.

🌎 It's crafted entirely from natural materials grown right in Vepa's own green field at the back of their Emmen factory.

🌎 The Hemp Fine chair and stools set a new standard in eco-conscious design. 

🌎 Vepa uses a completely natural resin to bind the Hemp, showcasing their dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing. 

🌎 Vepa has ISO14025 EPD, ISO 14001 and FSC certifications.

The Hemp Fine chair truly leads the way in green furniture solutions. For more information on this product, please visit https://vepa.co.uk/



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