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May 2024

Hej Chair

Sustainability Series! 🌎


We are continuing our series on sustainable furniture with a spotlight on the Hej Chair, crafted by OB&B, a cost-effective and stylish solution for commercial spaces such as breakout areas, cafes, and meeting rooms. 


We love this product because it:


🌎 Embodies a distinctive Scandinavian aesthetic and a straightforward design, emphasising minimal material usage. 

 🌎 It's designed for both affordability and durability and marks the debut of a new line of wooden products. 

 🌎 The beech wood is harvested responsibly from managed forests in Europe and complies with all EU timber regulations.

 🌎 It offers endless customisation possibilities with a frame in three standard finishes and colours and seating options in various fabrics.  

 For further information about this product, visit - www.https://obb.uk.com/



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