Featured Product

February 2024

Edge Free Sofa

Office furniture that reduces your carbon footprint!


Presenting our featured product in our environmental series: the Edge Free Collection.


The Edge Free is a foam-free seating platform for the modern workspace, perfect for agile working.


Why we love it:


🌎 The 3-seater Edge Free sofa slashes embodied carbon by almost 66%compared to traditional polyurethane foam designs—your go-to choice for a greener office space.


🌎 It is crafted from coconut fibre and recycled wool and champions sustainability from the food industry's waste.


🌎 Its lighter timber frame and steel springs mean a 33% cut in transportation carbon footprint!


It's the ultimate in low-carbon office furniture.


For more information, visit https://www.modusfurniture.co.uk



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