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June 2023

Calma Z

Introducing the remarkable Max Calma Z, a true furniture masterpiece brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Max Furniture and NURUS design.

It's meticulously designed to serve as a quiet, personal space tailored for private or team calls, quick meetings, focused work, or just relaxation.

This is what sets it apart:

The company's commitment to sustainability and mission to be carbon neutral by 2040. The production process utilises a re-circulation system within the factory to feed waste energy back into production. Their energy costs in 2023 have already dropped by 75% with solar panel investments! 

Its unparalleled specifications, high-quality materials, superb build quality, and simplicity of assembly and reconfiguration.

Its A-grade acoustics and Crib 5 fire retardancy underscore.

It's unique features like Illuminatingface lighting and a retractable desk set.



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