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November 2023


Do you wish you could transition seamlessly from working in a seated position to working standing?

Introducing the Brainstorm Personal Desk by the visionary Sedus Inhouse Design Team. 

This desk is not just furniture; it's a flexible solution tailored for workshops, teaching areas, and spontaneous project meetings. 

Here is why we love it:

It boasts a dynamic height adjustment range (730-1050 mm), seamlessly transitioning between sitting and standing. It's more than a desk; it's a catalyst for movement, dynamics, and enhanced communication among team members.

Designed to focus on user safety, the two-hand operation via two levers ensures secure adjustments, preventing finger pinching and accidental releases.

It's open-leg structure provides maximum room.

In a world where workspaces evolve, the Brainstorm Personal Desk is more than just a desk; it's a step towards a dynamic and flexible work environment, perfect for modern offices. 

For more information on this product, visit www.sedus.com/en/



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