5 Office Design Tips 2019 | Improve Your Office Space

Here’s 5 simple office design ideas that’ll help improve productivity, well-being and motivation. Follow these to bring your office into 2019!

5 Office Design Tips 2019 | Improve Your Office Space

Collaborate Presents Our #Top 5 Tips For Office Design

Collaborate has created and delivered a considerable number of well thought-out, impactful, and functionally sound workplaces for a large range of clients both in the UK and further afield too. Every project represents a unique set of challenges with no two briefs ever being the same. We’ve leaned on this experience and knowledge to bring you this article on what we would consider to be the 5 best pieces of advice – and areas to consider – for getting office design right. Moving office or setting up a new one from scratch can be a very stressful time for a business, and particularly for the individuals internally with the responsibility for the delivery of the new space. Collaborate’s core raison d’etre is to make our clients’ lives easier by eradicating the pain from office removals.

#1: First Impressions Count
#2: Furniture Choices
#3: The Sound of Success - Office Acoustics
#4: Office Design for Brand Identity
#5: Agile Environments    

Top Tip #1: First Impressions Count

For anyone with experience of the modern-day dating scene, you’ll be aware that a good first impression can make a huge difference! Workspace’s are no different. The majority of offices are set up so that the reception area is the first thing newcomers will experience when they visit. If companies are going to use their budget wisely to create impact where it matters most, this is the place to do it. It might be a beautiful lighting installation, well-chosen and nicely framed artwork, or maybe a high-quality bespoke reception desk. It might be all three! Work with your interior designer to focus on this part of your office. When potential new team members, or lucrative clients first come and see your space – set the right tone from the beginning with a really smart looking reception area. For further inspiration on this have a read of The Receptionist’s article which looks at some wow features you can try in a reception area including living walls, dramatic windows and original art. If you need help with artwork for your office do get in touch with Blue Leopard who are absolutely brilliant at connecting artwork with the interior design of a space.   

Amazing office reception
Synergy Vision's reception area in north west London
Office reception furniture
Redburn's impactful reception area

Top Tip #2: Furniture Choices

As London’s leading commercial furniture specialist, you might be a little sceptical to hear us pushing furniture choices as one of the key ingredients of a fantastic office! Don’t worry – we have scientific proof that furniture is a really important part of your office design and overall success. In fact, you’d be amazed at some of the statistics out there citing evidence of substantial increases in employee well-being, productivity, and overall company profitability as a result of choosing the right furniture. Indeed, if you missed our piece on how decent storage has a direct effect on employee well-being, have a read for a more in-depth look at this topic. One overall approach that we would recommend is to think to yourself: does this furniture a) look good and b) make my teams’ lives easier? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you’re certainly making sound furniture decisions. For a look at the amazing commercial furniture suppliers we work with and regularly use for our clients check out Collaborate’s products page.

Top Tip #3: The Sound of Success - Office Acoustics

Okay, so you’ve nailed the reception are and you’ve got some awesome furniture in, what’s next?! One of the most commonly referred to complaints when office workers are surveyed is the sound quality of the workplace they’re in. The UK office design industry hasn’t quite rid itself of the hangover that followed a hugely popular desire to make all office spaces fully open plan. Open plan spaces – particularly the larger ones – often have no defence against tinny, echo-filled sound effects. We all know how off-putting it can be when you feel like the whole world is listening in on your phone conversations. Breaking up the space using all sorts of different acoustic-enhancing options is the way to go. To not give acoustics due respect is to effectively put the potential enjoyment and success of your teams’ working days at risk. If you are faced with laying out and designing a new space that currently suffers from poor acoustics, get in touch with us and we can talk through some great options with you. In the meantime – and to get your creative juices flowing – have a read of this great article from acoustics solutions provider Resonics on 12 Lesser Known Buildings With Amazing Acoustics.

Good acoustics enhance an office environment
Good quality acoustic solutions can also look great too.

Top Tip #4: Office Design for Brand Identity

A huge opportunity often missed when it comes to office design is let your brand do the talking and have an influence on your interior decor choices. If your brand identity is apparent within your office space’s layout and interior this can have extremely positive effects on employee pride and trust among potential customers. Many commercial furniture providers offer tailoring options on various products where you can match colours from your brand identity. The idea here is not to go mad with it as people can sometimes go down the overkill route. Talk to your interior designer or furniture specialist about how to achieve this to maximum effect. Below we’ve included examples of some Collaborate projects which helped the clients’ brands to shine.

Office design for brand identity. An office space that captures the feeling of a brand.
Sommet Education's office design amplifies their brand identity
Communal area in an office that reflects a brand
Choice of fittings and colours allows Sommet Education's brand to shine.
Brand identity carried through to a reception area
Moorhouse's office design takes colour choices from the company's brand identity in a tasteful way.

Top Tip #5: Agile Environments  

The best examples of intelligent contemporary office design allow the workers operating within them the opportunity to work in a variety of different places throughout the working day. Sitting in the same desk every day of every week is thankfully becoming a thing of the past. Whichever way it is achieved – possibly a library area, café with booth seating, or unreserved co-working tables – it’s so important that new office designs and layouts cater for this increasingly essential ingredient. Have a read of CMD’s article on how a flexible work environment attracts and retains the best staff. And for some superb coworking tables for teams to have meetings or collaborate on have a look at Open Desk’s Collaboration Table which we featured in our Summer Desk Hunt last year.  

Flexible working environment with a collaborative desk
Open Desk's 'Collaboration Table'

Agile working in an office environment can increase productivity
Breakout areas with well chosen furniture allow for productive agile working options

If you’re planning a new office this year and want to exceed expectations, we urge you to consider these five key areas. Please feel free to give any of our team a call if you want to discuss these ideas and how best to exploit them. We are looking forward to meeting you and working on your awesome new office space.

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March 13, 2019


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