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We share 3 quick and simple tips to increase productivity in your office. Find out more about how you can be more productive at work through better office design.

Increase Productivity | Office Design |

Did you know that over the course of a lifetime a person can spend the equivalent of 11 consecutive years behind the same desk? Wow, that’s a long time! Bearing that in mind, read on for our tips on how to improve office productivity – often through the right furniture choices – with a view to augmenting the output of your team and lifting their overall psychological well-being. Productivity tips at work are what this article is all about.

1. Let your creative team breathe

Think of creativity as an animal – it needs space to move around and breathe! Many traditional layouts see departments such as marketing and copywriting confined to the middle of a large open plan scheme, with senior executives occupying the window-lit exterior. One study showed that employees who worked in windowed offices spent 15 percent longer staying on task than those subjected to more enclosed spaces. This marked improvement in productivity signals the need for your idea people to be located closer to the outside world. That isn’t to say your execs should go without natural light! Installing interior windows, which allow a clear view through to the outer ones, can be an effective solution for increasing productivity.

Increase office productivity with windows and natural light.

2. Choose a softer approach

Bold, intrusive colours have been found to overstimulate workers. Too much white on walls and furniture is not a good idea either. A softer shade of colour is often the best way to go and some options can even promote positive changes in people biologically. For example, the colour yellow is known to release dopamine in our bodies which makes us feel relaxed and less combative. Blue is also a good option and – as well as promoting productivity – also provides a soothing effect. 

Soft coloured offices can promote workplace productivity

3. Don't settle for restrictive office furniture

The comfort of your staff is paramount to the amount of work they are likely to produce. If an employee is constantly having to adjust his chair or is confined to a solitary seat all day, he or she is not going to be at the top of their game. Installing furniture that allows freedom and movement can be a great way to keep your team on task. It could simply mean upgrading from fixed seating to adjustable chairs, or it could also lead to a whole new office layout.

Comfortable offices and adjustable chairs for improved office efficiency

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April 5, 2018