Office Design Trends 2019

We take a look at the latest office design trends for 2019. Find out what is trending in office spaces and discover the future of amazing ideas in office design.

Office Design Trends 2019

What are the hot office design trends for 2019?

Office design trends in the UK and abroad are constantly evolving. Some improvements and changes occur in a reactionary way to behavioural changes in the way people work. However, the most exciting designers and thought leaders in the industry are creating new office design ideas and predicting desired changes in the way people work before those desires have materialised. If your company is setting up a modern new office space right now or in the near future, read on for Collaborate’s rundown of the new office design trends out there right now that will shape our working world in the next 12 months.

1. Activity Based Working (ABW)

Activity Based Working (ABW) gives employees a choice about how, when and where they work. In the office, that means providing a choice of work settings, each designed for a different type of task, such as workstations, collaboration areas, and concentration zones. Outside the office, activity based working is facilitated by enabling technology, which allows staff to work from anywhere; from home, to a cafe or airport lounge.

Activity Based Working (ABW) provides employees with a choice of work settings.

2. Corporate personalities - Office design to reflect your brand identity

This design concept is based on the office space idea that companies have a story to tell, and the way you construct your building, and layout and design your interior can help you share that story to inspire your employees and the community in which you operate. Put simply, this concept uses office and interior design to give your working environment a sense of identity.  It can also give your employees a heightened sense of their overall goals and can give your recruitment efforts a lift too. Collaborate’s office interior design ideas for Sommet Education delivered a smart, modern space with stylish uses of the company’s brand identity. (see image below)

Collaborate's design scheme for Sommet Education showcases the company's personality and brand identity

3. Designing work-spaces for physical and psychological well-being

The importance of an employee’s health and happiness in the office has never been more apparent, and office design is changing to reflect this focus on wellbeing. Research shows that people with higher levels of well-being are more resistant to colds and have a quicker recovery time from illness, have a greater life expectancy, feel less pain, are more creative, and are better at problem solving. With so many commercial positives to approaching new office designs in this way, many companies are embracing this mentality and providing their teams with cool office designs and functionality that genuinely makes people feel better. Read Dr Pragya Agarwal’s article on the Forbes website all about how workplaces can be designed to support mental health and well-being.

4. Adaptable work-spaces - remove the restrictions

Many respected designers working today believe that dynamic and agile spaces should be highly interactive and not be hampered by any physical or ergonomic constraints. If furniture can be re-arranged to an employee or team’s liking, this can have a substantial positive impact on the output of those people. The furniture chosen should be comfortable and organic, allowing the employees to work however they want with minimal restrictions.

Removing restrictions and ergonomic constraints can really benefit a workforce's output

5. Privacy-friendly workstations

Despite the popularity of open spaces and flexible layouts, there’s still a compelling reason not to drop private spaces in offices altogether. If you should enclose some part of your floor plan, you could do away with traditional dividers or booths and instead go for more semi-enclosed settings that still let your employees work with as little distraction as possible. Check out Buzzispace’s ‘Buzzitemp’ which offers both an adaptable, temporary space and also partial privacy to aid the success of a colleague’s working day.

Buzzispace's 'Buzzitemp' furniture design

6. Colour is back - bright interiors are hot

In recent months, we have been thrilled to recognise an exciting trend towards using bright colours to bring offices and working environments to life. Residential interiors are experiencing an overdue move away from neutral, grey colour schemes and happily interior designers in the commercial sector are getting on board. Indeed, a liberal application of colour in the workplace is undoubtedly helping companies to create a positive, vibrant atmosphere for their employees. If employee happiness and high levels of team morale can be attributed - in part - to a cheerful colour scheme, then so too can increased levels of creativity and output.  

Bright colours in office design create vibrant atmospheres and give staff a lift

But wait - the good news doesn't end there. Creating a positive environment that peope enjoy isn’t the only big advantage of using bright colours. Many companies now are using design schemes which incorporate their own brand colours which - if done tastefully - can boost the brand's profile among clients and employees alike. And if you want to really ramp up work satisfaction among your teams, you could look at some colourful storage options from companies such as Bisley who offer a huge range of well thought out, 'bespoke-able' storage units available in a whole myriad of bright colours. Stay tuned to Collaborate's Newsroom for a feature coming out in January 2019 on how intelligent storage can aid well-being among employees.

So to wrap this up, rather than feeling like you have to opt for only one of these approaches, when working out the best approach to take for your company we'd advise you to work closely with an office design and furniture expert. They can help you cherry-pick the ideas or combinations of ideas that best suit your business. If you have any questions on any of these trends or would like more information please do get in touch with Collaborate’s team who are ready to take your enquiry and discuss your office design ideas.  

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November 6, 2018


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